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Light Viewing Tips


An overwhelming concern of display owners is people walking through their displays.
Many use very high electrical current.
No only could you break electric connections affecting the display but you could be killed!
PLEASE, enjoy the view from outside the display/yard. Thanks!

Rain, Rain Go Away

Big displays are typically OFF for Rain, High Wind.
Bad weather can have a disastrous effect on some displays, especially the inflatables.
Some owners do not turn on their lights when it's raining or too windy.
Snow is usually not a factor and even adds to the display but, beware of untreated neighborhood roads

Be Considerate

Not everyone likes these extravagant light displays, especially some of their neighbors, so....
Be quiet.
Don't hold up traffic, park and view as long as you wish.
Turn off your headlights and engines for extended viewing.
Don't walk or drive on neighbors yards.
Watch out for pedestrians and pets.
Observe the posted speed limit on all neighborhood roads..

Have a Plan

To make the most of your viewing time, plan your route in advance.
Choose displays that are close together and bring maps in case you get lost.
If you have a GPS, even better....

The More the Merrier

Consider hiring a limo and going with a group of people.
Also, a map reader with a flashlight is needed to help the driver find the homes.

Exit the Vehicle

Get out of your car to get the displays' full effects.
Most of us have dirty windshields and our view is limited by the car's dimensions.
Also, crowds outside will draw out the owner.

Meet the Owner

Your experience will be more fulfilling if you get to talk to the homeowner.
But don't knock on the door.
If you see someone in the yard, strike up a conversation.
Most homeowners love to talk about their displays.
Some have private displays they may be willing to show you.

Look but, Don't Touch

Do not enter a display unless invited.
These displays require a lot of electrical cords all over the place.
You might inadvertently break a connection or worse, injury yourself.

Get the Christmas Spirit

Tune to a local channel playing Christmas music while riding around or sing carols.
Some displays include an FM broadcast. They usually have signs telling you where to tune-in.

Share the Joy

Consider joining and sharing your experience/photos with
Holly's Tacky Christmas Lights FaceBook group.
The FB group is where you'll find the Latest News on the displays.

Get the Picture

Bring a camera, tripod and extra film. You need longer exposure times for night photos.
For a more meaningful photo, include family members in front of the display.
For tips on taking photos of Christmas lights visit the: New York Institute of Photography

No Tacky House Stands Alone

Where there is one, there are probably more so, drive around the neighboring streets.
Some neighborhoods have decorating contests.

Limit Viewing Time

Limit your viewing time to 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
After more than 2 hours, fatigue sets in and viewing enjoyment diminishes.
Also, you probably need a bathroom break.

Right Time, Right Place

There's nothing worse than driving some distance to see lights and finding them off.
The overall best viewing times are from 6pm to 8pm.
Some are on until 9pm or later.
Check the hours, if listed, for the homes you're planning to visit to avoid disappointment.
Do not honk or knock on the door to ask an owner to turn on their display. You can ask if you see them in the yard.

Best of Days, Worst of Days

Most displays don't come on nightly until mid-December.
The best days for viewing lights are between December 10th and December 25th.
Some homes may turn on their display Thanksgiving weekend and on the weekends preceding December 10th.
Many displays are turned off  and taken down immediately after Christmas.
Some stay on until after New Year's.
You may find some displays off on Christmas eve and Christmas day due to holiday traveling.

Don't Run Dry

Make sure to bring drinks and snacks on your tours.
I don't know why but, looking at lights always makes me thirsty.
Also, make sure you have plenty of gas in your car. You don't want to run out in an unfamiliar area.

Say Thank You

Consider sending a Christmas card to the addresses of your favorite displays thanking them for their efforts (which is immense).

And one last thing...


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