Holly's Tacky Christmas Lights
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Map No:   44
Address: 21244 Millwood Square, Sterling, VA 20165
Description: 12.18.2017: He is still decorating and still, it's quite a sight!
On Dec. 18 - First wk. Jan 2018. Dusk to dawn. Off in heavy rain/wind.
Just across the border in Loudoun County and the first townhouse to make the list. So many lights blinking, a large herd of animated deer in yard and a silly deer on the steps above lighted presents spilling down the stairs. Dangling stars hang from large "NOEL". Never has so much been done in so small a space. You should have seen it a few years ago before the Home Owners Association got after him. Right on corner at Algonkian Pkwy. Even cut back, still great.
2012-Finally got to see the inside portion of his display. Blew me away!
View "Clem Vinas Joy of Christmas at https://youtu.be/5iv6EyqZrWI
On Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/My-Christmas-Toy-House-in-Millwood-Square-221019804734952/


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