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1826 Woods Edge Dr NE, Leesburg, VA
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Address: 1826 Woods Edge Dr NE, Leesburg,Va 20176
Description: Edwards Landing Lights
Christmas lights synchronized to music. Tune to 98.1 FM and listen to the lights. 1066 channels of individually controlled LEDs and incandescent lights.
From Edwards Landing Lights on 12/12/17:
"Lights On” starting tonight, December 12th. The 30 minute show repeats continuously 7-9PM nightly through Christmas night.
This season we are again excited to be accepting donations for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. The donation box is right next to our “Tune To 98.1 FM” sign. If you come to the show you MUST abide by the following courtesies or the show WILL be shut down immediately.
1. Be respectful of our neighbors by staying out of their lawns and not blocking their driveways.
2. Keep your radio volume to a reasonable level for inside your vehicle.
3. Pull to the side of the road so you do not impede traffic. You must park legally in the proper direction of traffic.
4. You must abide by all parking laws by not parking at corners, not parking within 20’ of a STOP sign and within 20’ on either side of a fire hydrant. All these situations exist within the viewing area of the show so look before you park.
4. Remember the reason for the season. Look around you when you arrive. Be respectful of other viewers by not blocking the sight lines of those who arrived before you.
5. Please dim your light. This ensures your vehicle lights are not shining into other vehicles around you.
6. We encourage you to stay in your vehicle. If you get out, cross only at a corners and do NOT hang out in the street for any reason.
7. Do NOT enter the yard or driveway for any reason.
8. Be sure to turn your lights on when you leave.
9. Have fun. We do!!
10. Please give what you can. Every dollar counts
Merry Christmas from all of us at Edwards Landing Lights.

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