Holly's Tacky Christmas Lights

11303 Stones Throw Drive, Reston, VA
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Map No: 21   Link to Google Map
Address: 11303 Stones Throw Drive, Reston,Va 20194
Description: A beautifully done home in twinkling white lights. Very tasteful and extravagant at the same time. The entire property and home is encircled with white trees and bushes. Every window of the house is perfectly outlined in white lights.
Love the single pair of white wire deer in back yard and two-story Christmas tree visible through side window.
Has large, unique Santa and reindeer to the left of front door and a life-size Manger to the right.
"St Judes" collection signs are way too large and detract from the displays. Lights Elf Bill Radcliff says "I suggest cruising around as we found some other well decorated homes. One especially is around the corner from Stone Throw (#21)."
2008-Santa is in backyard with deer. It's snowing at the front door.
2007-Lighted snowman has joined the deer in the back yard. The trees seem brighter than ever. I bet they switched to LEDs.

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Classy47 470
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Regurgitated Christmas11 110
Seen from Space6 60
Holy Moly!!!16 160

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