Holly's Tacky Christmas Lights in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia

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14.  1601 Collingwood Road, Alexandria88.1FM
My favorite. Handmade wireframes sprinkles throughout a sloping yard and lights everywhere. All expertly animated to music.

13.  2507 Fairview Drive, Alexandria
On 12/16 thru 1/1/17. It glows through the trees on approach. Lights, blowmolds and more inflatables then you've ever seen cover the entire lot.

47.  6412 Joyce Road, Alexandria
On Dec. 3-31, 2016, dusk - 10p weekdays, 11p weekends.
A most unique multicolored collection of inflatable items. Must see!

10.  6634 South Kings Highway, Alexandria
Well know display with light display modified yearly. Has small kid's train.

12.  3912 Lincolnshire Street, Annandale88.3FM
Music blares and lights flash at the overdone display. On 4:15-10pm daily.

39.  1610 N Abingdon St, Arlington
Small colorful house with old fashioned decorations. Working train on porch.

57.  523 S Harrison St, Arlington
Lights cover every square inch of this small house and yard. Animated wire-frames on the roofs and ground.

8.  1713 N Quebec Street, Arlington
Vintage objects are displayed everywhere at this Arlington home. Always a large star and Santa and team hanging up high. Santa's staged differently every year.

60.  1629 S Quincey, Arlington

58.  21260 Rosetta Place, Ashburn
On Dusk to Midnight thru Jan. 15, 2017. Son of #36 now decorating his own home in Ashburn.

3.  6410 Glenbard Rd., Burke88.3FM
Coming Dec. 11. Very well thought-out Animated Light Show with great music.

17.  5700 Claret Place, Centreville105.7FM
Last Night 12/31/16. Lit blowmold soldiers encircle this yard of vintage decorations and lights. Lights on everything! Runs an animated light show nightly.

27.  13614 Weinstein Court, Centreville98.1FM
Multicolored animated light show with some grouping of lighted figures and mini trees. Lights outline the house, windows.

55.  42460 Flemming Dr, Chantilly
An inflatable wonderland!

24.  11610 Henderson Road, Clifton
Dec 7 to Jan 3, 7:30-11:30pm. Layers of multi-colored lights and wireframe figures slow traffic on Henderson Rd.

19.  6226 Stonehunt Place, Clifton
On 12/10 - 12/31/16. Another of Holly's favorites - multicolored blinking lights go out in every directions. So bright!

29.  4501 Evansdale Road, Dale City
A corner house with decorations on both sides. On nightly from 5-10pm.

4.  3522 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax
Lots of white lights and some multicolored, too. Inflatable Santa on Motorcycle on porch roof, large candy cane entrance markers, giant NOEL with Frosty, some deer and light trees.

2.  8910 Karen Dr, Fairfax
The #2 Properity Ave display has moved to the Mantua neighborhood.

18.  9804 Kirktree Court, Fairfax
The gingerbread house - tiny yard, jam-packed with animated inflatables, lights.

26.  9806 Sharon Court, Fairfax
Multicolored lights outline entire house with various inflatables and blowmolds in the yard.

16.  10715 Shadow Lane, Fairfax Station
Huge horse ranch decorated with white lights spread over several acres. Two large white light trees.

48.  510 East Broad Street, Falls Church
A huge collection of unique, homemade sculptures.

42.  6524 Roosevelt St, Falls Church
A very pretty white display covers this corner lot.

43.  11920 Bennett Road, Herndon
A toy store lit up among/in the trees. Very unique.

53.  1826 Woods Edge Dr NE, Leesburg
Edwards Landing Lights On 12/12 - 12/25.

25.  8209 Lorton Road, LortonSpeakers
The most unique collection of lit-up wire-frames and it keeps growing and getting brighter every year.

56.  7302 Rhondda Drive, Lorton
Thru Jan 8, 2017. Making use of every square inch of yard and wall is this very bright townhouse display.

36.  7815 Birnam Wood Dr, McLean
A glowing, multicolored striped house with some unique inflatables.

21.  11303 Stones Throw Drive, RestonSpeakers
Hugh sloping corner yard and home exquisitely decorated in bright white lights.

35.  5406 Fremont St, Springfield107.9FM
On Dec. 10 thru Jan. 1, 2017, 5:30-10p wkdays, 5:30-11p Fri.-Sat An offbeat 20 minute light show with some unique characters. You gotta see this!

51.  8700 Nanlee Dr, Springfield
G-gauge trains, a ferris wheel, swing, gingerbread village, blow-ups, lights and more

59.  506 N Alder, Sterling
Better than W Church nearby.

20.  47807 Blockhouse Point Place, Sterling98.1FM
Animated light show Dec. 2- Jan 6. Lights on 5pm-11pm.

15.  E. Juniper Avenue, Sterling
Neighborhood Light show with a whole street and some side streets getting in the act.

44.  21244 Millwood Square, Sterling
On 12/15 - 1/6, dusk to dawn. The only townhouse to make the list. Never has so much been done in so small a space.

50.  111 W Church Rd , Sterling
Love the sleigh with Snoopy as Santa and pigs, dinosaurs, frogs and Rudolph pulling it.

49.  117 Hickory Circle SW, Vienna101.7 FM
Animated light show, best viewed from the backside of the old Magruders shopping center in Vienna. Many light strings hang over the roof and down the house and blue leaping lights line the fence.

6.  10203 Lawyers Road, Vienna
A mass of multicolored and blue lights fills the trees and the bushes encircling a private garden of lit wire-frame animals.

11.  128 Nutley Street NW, Vienna
Thru Jan 8. Very pretty widespread lights using different colors on different things. Blue lights outlining the house, green on garage.Little scenes set up throughout large fenced yard.

52.  15615 Bushey Drive, WoodbridgeSpeakers
On 12/1 thru 12/25/16. Closed 12/24. Highly recommend checking out this homeowners drive through display in Woodbridge.

Honorable Mentions
#M.  409 E Nelson Ave., Alexandria, VASpeakers

#FF.  8505 Forest Rd, Annandale, VA101.5FM

#R.  4106 Gallows Road, Annandale, VA

#A.  5838 Fitzhugh St, Burke, VA

#QQ.  10108 Marshall Pond Rd, Burke, VA

#Y.  14549B Lock Drive, Centreville, VA98.1FM & S

#BB.  13530 Point Pleasant Drive, Chantilly, VA98.1FM

#L.  3801 Center Way, Fairfax, VA

#NN.  10800 Stanhope Pl, Fairfax, VA

#XX.  7431 Camp Alger Ave, Falls Church, VA

#JJ.  7725 Fisher Drive, Falls Church, VASpeakers

#KK.  1752 Pimmit Dr, Falls Church, VA

#JJ.  12201 Lake James Dr., Herndon, VA

#C.  13271 Stone Heather Dr, Herndon, VA

#JJ.  1201 Balls Hill RD, McLean, VA93.5FM

#E.  6530 Heather Brook Ct, McLean, VA93.5FM

#F.  Harwood Place, Springfield, VA

#WW.  5633 Inverchapel Rd, Springfield, VA98.1FM

#G.  1801 Beulah Road, Vienna, VA

#WW.  922 Cottage St SW, Vienna, VA

#D.  10000 Garrett St (corner of Lawyers), Vienna, VA

#K.  118 James Drive SW, Vienna, VA

#V.  317 Patrick SW, Vienna, VA

#YY.  14905 Cardinal Dr, Woodbridge, VA87.9FM

#CC.  12407 Harbor Dr , Woodbridge, VA

#DD.  12635 Harbor Dr, Woodbridge, VASpeakers

Yet to Visit Displays
401 Hillcrest Dr SW, Vienna, VA

Tacky Businesses
5800 Kingstowne Center Drive, Alexandria, VA

12101 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA

12815 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA

10701 Main Street, Fairfax , VA

8334 Old Keene Mill Road, Springfield, VA100.7FM


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