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Tacky and Humorous Christmas
My sense of humor knows few limits. These are NOT PC. Please don't take offense.

These photos taken by Holly - Please ask before copying photos...

Frosty's Day Care
(Appears on ugly christmas 2006 - my submission)
I decided to display some of the Hi Tech decorations while I had them

Cow and Chicken Deliver (wasn't that a tv show?)

Hey Hon, I think we should light-up the tractor.

Who puts a diving board at the shallow end!!??
(on uglychristmaslights.com as "Head in the Sand" 2008)

Yeti could use some support...
(on uglychristmaslights.com as "Light Yeti" 2008)

...I'll have a blue Christmas without you...
(on uglychristmaslights.com as "Blue Man Group House" 2008)

(on uglychristmaslights.com as "Towed" 2009)
my byline...
A free Christmas Tree with every tow (2008)

Christmas always reminds me of....Looney Tunes?
(on uglychrismaslights.com as "Looney Tunes Christmas" 2008)

(on uglychristmaslights.com as "Shades" 2009)
my byline... Hit-man Santa and his reindeer thugs
on their way to rub out Frosty (2008)

(on uglychristmaslights.com as "Red Deer" 2009)
my byline... Rudolph the Red (2008)

The definition of tacky...an animated singing reindeer...

Last Call
(Appears on ugly christmas 2005)
other bylines.... 
Closing time. All's that's left are the real characters.
"It's time for you to take your banjo and go home, little fella..."


The Weinermobile visits Fairfax...

Two lighted deer outside yard and hedge waiting for the bus?
...Have mercy! Been waiting for the bus all day....(ZZ Top)

And from another angle...
Hula-hoop crossing

When someone says Christmas, I always think Octopus...
...In an Octopus's Garden in the shade...(Beatles)

Interested in participating in an extremely humorous event?

Santas take over the Mall carousel at Santarchy 2007

Two Santa's find love at the 2007 D.C. Santarchy

My First Santarchy - 2009

This is my kind of event!!!

These boots are made for walking...

One weary Saint Nick

Check out Santarchy in DC. It's a hoot!

Not Politically Correct Not Politically Correct My Collection of Tacky Christmas Humor
Found on the Web

12/26/06 - From YouTube
A Mark Russell-esque ditty backed the lights of Collingwood, Alexandria



Christmas humor from Gary Larson's The Far Side

The following come from  www.uglychristmaslights.com.
Visit them to see more outrageous stuff...

(2006 - Mobile Christmas)
Who says you can't take it with you...
Spreading Christmas spirit wherever it goes, literally...

(2006 - Electric Range)
Deer out standing in their field

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