Holly's Tacky Christmas Light Displays Inside Rt.495

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  #12 - 3912 Lincolnshire Street, Annandale, VA


  #8 - 1713 N Quebec Street, Arlington, VA


  #39 - 1610 N Abingdon St, Arlington, VA


  #57 - 523 S Harrison St, Arlington, VA


  #60 - 1629 S Quincey, Arlington, VA


  #42 - 6524 Roosevelt St, Falls Church, VA


  #48 - 510 East Broad Street, Falls Church, VA


  HM-M - 409 E Nelson Ave., Alexandria, VA


  HM-R - 4106 Gallows Road, Annandale, VA


  HM-XX - 7431 Camp Alger Ave, Falls Church, VA


  HM-JJ - 1201 Balls Hill RD, McLean, VA


  Yet to Visit -
1813 S Oakland St, Arlington, VA

On thru 12/31/17. On 6-10p. Dark if rainy. A local neighborhood favorite.
"They have a bunch of lighted snowmen on one side. The other side look like a body of water with a flamingo populated island in the middle. They wrap their big ash tree up front and have a little bucket of candy canes on a hook for the kids. Sometimes on weekends they even play music, not synced."


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